Eccky: a virtual baby raised using IM

via: eccky, "a multi-player concept that allows two people to create a virtual baby, add it to their MSN buddy list, and guide it through its childhood and teens".

Eccky is the name of a game where two parents can make, name and raise a virtual child. An Eccky. Their Eccky will be added to their MSN Messenger contact list, just like a regular buddy. Parents can chat (also via SMS) with their Eccky, play games, feed, wash, shop, and everything else that comes with raising a child in real life. The game will end in 6 days when Eccky will celebrate its 18th birthday. After having gone through three life stages, baby, toddler and teen, Eccky will leave its parents home... All interaction is done either through the MSN Messenger chat interface, the MSN Messenger game window or by using a mobile phone.

The looks and character of an Eccky are based on the DNA profiles of the parents, derived from a DNA quiz at the beginning of the game. There are no two Eccky's the same and our 'artificial life' technology will make sure that Eccky's behavior will be dynamic and in some ways even unpredictable. Parents will face the challenge of raising their Eccky in the best way possible.

Why do I blog this? This is somehow related to the "blogemon scenario" we envisioned at the lift06 workshop about blogjects. But in this case, the interaction is less tangible, using IM instead of trading cards. I am not a crazy fan of raising virtual kids but the idea of using the IM as a way to create innovative game design is interesting.