Red Associates

Red Associate seems to be an interesting company:

ReD Associates is one of Europe's leading innovation agencies working with sophisticated user insights, product development and innovation strategy. ReD Associates is focused on generating top line growth for our clients through relevant innovation. We do this by applying cutting edge social science methods to business development, design, innovation and R&D.

Our strength lies in our ability to convert advanced and complex user insights into tangible business results. For us user insight is not the answer in itself but the means to create new innovation opportunities, new offerings and organic growth. Successful innovation poses three main challenges for a company: 1. Gaining relevant insights 2. Transforming insights into the right concepts and products etc. 3. Implement the solutions as an integrated part of the company

Therefore we have divided ReD Associates into three professional domains specialized in meeting these three challenges (click the menu or headers to read more about each domain).

1. Explore: User research, contextual research, innovation analysis

2. Create: New Product Development, Ideation, Prototyping

3. Anchor: Implementing, Innovation strategy

Why do I blog this? I am interested in the connection between R&D and tangible impacts on practitioners, that's a problem I often encounter while doing research (for private client mostly, as a consultant). Besides, I am always wondering about how to conduct "independent research" (if there is such things as this concept, like 'freelance research).