WiGLE.net: a submission-based catalog of wireless networks


WiGLE.net is a submission-based catalog of wireless networks. Submissions are not paired with actual people; rather name/password identities which people use to associate their data. It's basically a "gee isn't this neat" engine for learning about the spread of wireless computer usage.

WiGLE concerns itself entirely with 802.11b networks right now, since it's REALLY hard to deal with cellular networks, 802.11a is so hard to catch, and everything else is so small-share. 802.11b appears to be experiencing an explosive growth, and it's neat to see it cover cities. (...) Overall, WiGLE aims to show people about wireless in a more-technical capacity then your average static map or newspaper article.

Here is "The wireless world this morning (GMT-6:00)" as they say:

Why do I blog this? that's an intriguing community-based catalog of wireless networks.