Spotscout: a real time space exchange marketplace

Via SpringWise: Spotscout is a web2.0 + car park application:

SpotScout provides a system that creates and facilitates a real time space exchange marketplace. Formally established in 2004, SpotScout's aim has been to create the applications, develop the marketplace, and secure intellectual property rights to real time mobile to mobile space exchange.

SpotScout's mission is to be the world's first en-route space reservation mechanism for public, private and garage parking and to pioneer mobile commerce solutions and technologies placing SpotScout at the forefront of this exciting industry. SpotScout is an easy to use voice and web-enabled service that connects parking spaces with drivers searching for them.

SpotScout also allows users to post their personal parking spots (we call these people 'SpotCasters') for other motorists to use, thereby monetizing an increasingly scarce resource in our cities and towns.

The SpotScout community grows daily, and will continue to do so until every driver feels there is a mechanism that will reliably find them a parking space the moment they need one.

Why do I blog this? "a real time space exchange marketplace": what a concept! after trading virtual objects gathered in a city with the location-based game MogiMogi, you can now trade real space. One of the side-effect of the social web? What happens then, will we have game theory situations?