Today's terminology is weird

In terms of weird terminology, gtr consulting offers very curious concepts about the sociological impacts of emerging technologies. For instance, see their last report (see the pdf table of content):

  • iJunkies - The world at the touch of a button
  • Technomadism — Wireless life
  • TechnoBling — Technology must look good in addition to working well
  • Insulationships—How technology is mediating teens’ relationship with the world around them
  • The Neighbornet—Teen world expanded on the net
  • Ego Anglers—Looking for positive strokes on the net
  • The Digital Disguise—Transforming identities on the net
  • ACME Auteur—Creating, Producing & Directing on the net
  • Life Caching—Memory replaced by knowing where to find it
  • Brain Blur—Multi-tasking in 2006
  • Dataddiction—Teens can’t live without the web
  • The Chill-Challenged—Idle hands? Not today’s teens.

Of course, there is a lot of marketing frenzyness here, sort of having category to refer to subgroups, but the underlying rhetoric is interesting. Some trends appears: junkies+addiction / neighbornet+insulationships (creation of subgroups, do they talk to each other?) / disguise (ok maybe that's the way a person from one subgroup has to behave to take to another group / blur (the brain is blurred but what about the social bonds?) / eco anglers looking (the world is bad and they're looking for sth better?).

Why do I blog this? it's interesting to see how today's trends are reflected into language, with odd portmanteau concept.