GeoRSS aggregator

Brainoff has posted this mapufacture, a geoRSS aggregator:

mapufacture is a GeoRSS aggregator. here you can layer multiple GeoRSS feeds from different sources into a single map, and search the database of GeoRSS feeds by keyword and location. search results are themselves available as GeoRSS feeds. if you do want to create a map, we ask that you go through a simple registration process.

Why do I blog this? this is the new trend, aggregating different flows of information on top of a spatial representation using the simple RSS adaptations. I like the idea of having search results as geoRSS feeds.

What I also find interesting is the fact that those RSS derived standards are more and more available and this should eventually lead to more interesting aggregating interfaces, what are the progress in this area so far? Lots of components could be helpful (spatial, social, datamining features...).