From Information Literacy to Disconnection Literacy

Deloitte's new report "Eye to the Future: How TMT advances could change the way we live in 2010" is a curious read; especially when it explains how technology is expected to keep changing the workplace and who will be able to manage it.

"More and more, the ability to get things done is expected to depend on the ability to understand and use increasingly complex technology - and those with a greater degree of technological literacy may find themselves moving up the corporate hierarchy more quickly than those without."

To me, there is also another step that they don't address: the "disconnection literacy": the fact that in a pervasive world with always-on capabilities, people will definitely need to disconnect. This, of course, to step away from information overload or passive physical behavior.

Will we have to pay to have a non-connected place? Will there be social differentiation about who will be aware of such a need?