Ingrid Hora's work and extreme users

While doing random searches on google image, I ran across the work of Ingrid Hora. I like her research agenda:

There is a whole category of people living on the order of madness and normality. I want to narrate the life of a disordered (or hyper ordered) society, a life of people left on their own. People builds walls around themselves to create oder and borders. I am interested in showing what happens behind these walls, where obsessions, desires and fantasies hide. I want to show the anarchic constructions initiated by the individuals to accommodate their strange desires and needs.

For instance, see those two pictures:

I basically found them on Regine's blog and I have nothing to contextualize (more than just the outline of her work described above) and I definitely makes me thing about how people modify ("détourne" in french) for other purposes that makes sense to them and not always for others.

Why do I blog this? this is a topic very interesting to me because of (1) cultural feeling, I tend to be interested in such borderlines experiences and how they are translated into behaviors/craft (2) how this affect technology usage research: what Ingrid Hora is nothing more than extreme users (or tinkerers) of technology.

Besides, see this rhetorical vision in her description: how "space" features (walls, borders...) are deployed? No space is not dead.