Turning vacuuming robots into pets

Via THE PRESENCE-L LISTSERV, it seems that Roomba vacuum robots are more and more complexe: myRoomBud allows to personalize iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot.

Since 2005, myRoomBud™ has been selling RoomBud™ costume covers to the owners of the 2 million Roomba robots and turning their vacuuming robots into pets. Now, the RoomBuds have been given (multiple) personalities. RoomBud Personalities enhance the Roomba pet experience by "teaching" your Roomba to act like the pet or character trapped deep inside it. Roobit the Frog hops around, Roor the Tiger growls then pounces, and RoomBette La French Maid wiggles its behind at you before vacuuming your room.

Why do I blog this? even tough this is a simple step, it's interesting to see how small organisations participate in this exploration of new affordance of things.