Workshop about spatial technologies at UpFing06

Currently a Université de Printemps de la FING 06, which is a big gig organized by la FING, a french think tank working on innovation and IT. The venue is quite nice, an old catholic mansion:

upfing (1) upfing (2)

The reason why I am here is because I have to take care of a workshop here about spatial technologies, in the broad sense (locative media, location-based services, place-based annotations platforms...). The event is in french.

Here are the slides of my presentation (in french, pdf, 3.8Mb). I actually described the following issues: - when we look at the terms we use when we talk about spatial tech, it's very diverse (ranging from geowanking to locative media, geotagging or buddy-finder). Sometimes, it's about practices, sometimes about technologies, sometimes services... - we will focus on a specific subpractice: place annotation - what is interesting is that the usages regarding that practice seem to be diverse but this is does not take a diachronic perspective (the fact that people annotated space a LONG time ago), nor the size of the target group of user (% of tech-savvy persons? % of total population). - some of the most interesting examples will be presented (yellow arrow, flickr notes, stamps...) - and I will describe why this is important in terms of socio-cognitive processes: the fact that space affords specific interaction, shape people's behavior and agency. People leave traces in space and then decode them as cues for acting.

I will put some more notes later about people's intervention, the subgroup activity and the conclusion.

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