"Berenice" by Motohiko Odani

In the 2004 edition of the Venice Biennale, there was this intriguing piece of work by Motohiko Odani and called Berenice:

Some comments by Thomas Kramar:

Ein Stockwerk höher, unter anderen räumlichen Krümmungen dieses so seltsam in sich gekrümmten Kunsthauses, liegt eine Art Ufo: eine Kugel, wirr verkabelt, schon leicht angerostet, aber immer noch vibrierend, wie kürzlich gestrandet auf einem gleichgültigen Planeten: "Berenice" heißt das Objekt von Motohiko Odani - nach der antiken ägyptischen Stadt?

Why do I blog this? I like this big white sphere plugged with cables; it looks like a left nuclear weapon that is curious, intriguing and maybe about to explode (a la Akira); or pulsing "information". In the end it interrogates people about its role: would it be the "consciousness" (the place where information flows converge) of a place? To me, it can be the server of a city district that would enable to host what is needed to have a mixed reality. And of course, it might be left in an old cave that nobody can access.