Gadget about light for kids

Digital Light Studio:

This is the digital light machine that allows children to create light sculptures by using seven freehand control knobs to manipulate 32 LEDs mounted on a spinning post under a 360 dome. In demonstration mode, the LEDs light up in different patterns, speeds, and directions to display any one of over 50 pre-programmed images, including a fountain, UFO, elephant, and pirate. A warp button spins, rotates, bounces, and disassembles images. An animation button plays up to 14 animated sequences, including a dragonfly, penguin dance, and blinking eye. Original light sculptures and animations may be created by using the knobs in tandem with normal, mirror, and kaleidoscope modes to draw, rotate, and invert images.

Why do I blog this? I really like this kind of interface, very tangible with a gestural dimension; IMO this is the direction where robots, video games and interactive toys are heading. Turning knobs to make your character rolling with a tangible instantiation in the form of light (REZ was so light oriented that you could think about removing the display and having this sort of lightform).