Test Outfit in WoW

An interesting service for Worlds of Warcraft: TheoryCraft:

Theorycraft places everything you need to know about your spells right on their tooltips. Or, if you're using the default action bars, on their buttons. Want to have a row of low rank heals with their heal values on the button? Too easy. Not only that, TC can let you compare any gear set you wish. Curious as to how much that crimson felt hat actually increases your dps by? It'll tell you that. Or how much 1 extra crit is worth in spell damage. Or for melee users, how much attack power you'd need to equal another 10 agility, or 1% to crit. Or perhaps just how much damage you would do were you lucky enough to land a Hammer of Bestial Fury or Ashkandi.

It has an ui interface for comparing the dungeon 1, 2 and tier 1 and 2 gear sets to your current gear, or any combination of gear you wish. Just click the button, have a look at your new stats and hold your cursor over a spell to see how much more/less damage you would do in that set. Talents can be tested in a similar way.

Why do I blog this? don't be afraid by the rpg-esque vocabulary, what is important here is that WoW players have a tool that allows them to simulate and compare the use of their gear. How about a similar service for my physical artefacts?

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