Heading to Cinum

Today, I am heading to Margaux (small french town close to Bordeaux) to attend the CiNum seminar (i.e "Civilisations Numériques" = "Digital Civilizations") to meet up with nice brainiacs:

Ci'Num is a 3-year collective and open strategic foresight process which focuses on "Digital civilizations". Its goal is to create a worldwide community of thinkers and stakeholders, working together in order to identify opportunities and challenges for the future of civilizations confronted with (at least) to main transformations: globalization and digitization.

The underlying issue at stake here is that:

"Digital civilizations" describe the sets of values, social bonds, cultural creations, institutions, economic forces, spaces, artefacts… that emerge from the gradual blending of the physical and digital worlds. The implications of this concept are broader and deeper than those of the "Knowledge society", as it incorporate intent, collective action, as well as cultural and social diversity.

Digital civilizations are not just shaped by technological and economic trends – rather, they shape technology and the economy as much as they are shaped by it.

Digital civilizations are shaped by people – individuals and communities – as much as by institutions and corporations.

Digital civilizations are shaped by well-known megatrends (such as ageing populations, urbanisation, energy shortage, global warming…) as well as a constant flow of disruptive innovations and social changes.

I have luckily been invited there to give a talk there about the Internets and how it creates new experience for Things, People and Places.

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