CARPE: Capture, Archival, and Retrieval of Personal Experience

The last issue of IEEE Multimedia is about "Capture, Archival, and Retrieval of Personal Experience", which the authors refer to as "CARPE" (sounds fishy in french). What stroke me as the most interesting part is the introduction:

The human preoccupation with capturing and archiving memorable experiences witnessed astonishing technological advancement in the 20th century, progressing from diaries and paintings to the dawn of the digital camera and camcorder era—and ushering in our multimedia community. Today, we must expand our notion of media, because audio and video recording can also be supplemented in many ways, including with temperature, heart rate, location, acceleration, humidity, Web pages visited, and logging how we use many devices.

Why do I blog this? The special issue describes some solution regarding this problem (through automatic labelling or passive capture). Here they describe only the information capture by human (or by devices that belong to human), what about objects that would act on their own. If we think at what I blog the other day, there might be surrogates to be put in the loop.