Towards LIFT07

Here we go! the LIFT07 website has been released! Some more information on the blog. In sum:

Join us next February to hear talks about the Web (Stephanie Hannon of Google, Pierre Chappaz, Sampo Karjalainen of Habbo Hotel, Lee Bryant, Colin Henderson or Daniel Kaplan), ubiquitous computing and the Internet of Things (Adam Greenfield, Anne Galloway, Daniela Cerqui, Julian Bleecker, Frédéric Kaplan), mobile technologies (Nathan Eagle, Jan Chipchase), interactive arts and design (Jan-Christoph Zoels, Régine Débatty, Christophe Guignard), entrepreneurship (Bernino Lind), Fair Economy (Paola Ghillani), Ethics (Beth Krasna), and many more topics like education, religion, the digital divide or technological overload.

An innovation we're working out this year to enhance the conference by a special event that will be a bridge between creativity and pragmatism, gathering individuals of various backgrounds to work freely on a specific topic: “Digital fragility“. Several interactive artifacts will be built on site, turning LIFT into a both intellectual and physical experience.

Registrations here.