Creating a culture of design research

I recently read "Design Research: Methods and Perspectives" (Brenda Laurel, Peter Lunenfeld, Eds.). One of the chapter that I found relevant for my work is the one about Creating a Culture of Design Research by Eric Zimmerman.

The author describes some of the strategies they took at the game development studio called "gameLab", pushing the boundaries of game companies and cultivating a "design culture". It's mostly based on 6 hints:

1. Create a space that encourages design research: "the office space we inhabit is filled to bursting with games, toys, and other play objects" 2. Build a design research library: " retail game titles, books and graphic novels, DVDs and videotapes, magazines (we have many subscriptions), board and card games, and toys of all kinds." 3. Attend and create events: "GameLab has attended films, exhibits, conferences, and other events connected to games, design, and popular culture / we also host our own design research affair" 4. Let them teach 5. Encourage side projects: "We encourage our staff to pursue personal projects." 6. Create contexts for experimentation: "from time to time we create opportunities for our staff to undertake experimental, noncommercial projects as a form of design research. "

Why do I blog this? I was looking for ideas of creative companies, especially in the game industry, I found those highlight relevant and fruitful for future projects. The idea of creating a proper environment, with a culture of design creativity is of interest to me (given that my role in various organization is too nurture designers).