Turning a conference intro a creative event

One of the innovation we're trying to bring forward at LIFT07 (7-8-9 February 2007 Geneva, Switzerland) is to have a more creative and interactive platform during the conference. This is going to be LIFT+, a concept intended as a bridge between creativity and pragmatism, allowing all possible forms of interaction, gathering individuals working freely on a specific topic - DIGITAL FRAGILITY – to evoke the overwhelming presence of connectivity in daily life. The whole point is to make the conference environment more creative so that people could participate and work out some ideas related to the concept of digital fragility. The website describes some of the project that we plan to have:

  • Plotter: Content and selected works will be printed (four plotters will output content uninterrupted) during the conference in the main entrance.
  • Double Photo: Build a tiny portrait-studio in the event’s premises, a small world (somewhat exterior to all the fuzz of such a conference) dedicated to shooting portraits.
  • Post-it Floor: You post literally – by writing on a post it - some words and its meaning. You’ll have to draw tehm with real pens
  • Snake Run: SnakeRun is an actual sized two-player snake game. Each participant controls a virtual snake that is projected on the playing field.
  • ...

Why do I blog this? as one the organizer, I can tell how stimulating it is to think about how to go beyond sit-and-listen-to-a-talk conference! We're trying to do our best to do something more innovative.