Faces on street tech, Jesus on objects and some related thoughts

A trend I have spotted in street art is the addition of elements on technologies so that it looks more human. Based on the perceived anthropomorphy of certain technological features one can find on a street (tubes, street lights, power adapters...), it's curious to see how adding few signs may try to humanize them. Two examples, one in Madrid (left) and another in Paris (right):Face on Technology (2) Face on technology

Why do I blog this? that's a noticeable and curious trend one can see. I also blogged about a similar phenomenon: pareidolia "a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (usually an image) being mistakenly perceived as recognizable”. The most known example is how people tend to see Jesus' face on any object. In the case of pareidolia, it's the interpretation of people that is at stake. In the case of the above street art, the perceived pattern is augmented by drawings or duct tape.

In the case of this drawn faces on street objects, what is at stake? I'd be interested by people's reaction? is these eyes make people less confortable than the real big-brotherish eyes of street camera/CCTV? are they perceived as augmentation by street-artists? Would the design of street object include this sort of metaphor?

Imagine if all the technology you can find down the street would have eyes pointing at you.