A wireless smart ball that senses position, direction, speed and acceleration

Via, this intriguing new device described in the press release as a wireless smart ball that senses position, direction, speed and acceleration :

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM),one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, and Ball-IT Oy, a leading provider of advanced real-time wireless sensor solutions, today announced a novel MEMS-based wireless motion-control device. Making its debut at ST’s stand at Electronica 2006, the smart golfball-sized object can operate as a free-hand personal computer mouse, compass, measuring tape, pedometer, or a 3D-object controller

Why do I blog this? As Gene Becker says "Put that in your blogject and smoke it ;-)" (a private joke related to some other quotes from ubiquitous computing discussion). Anyway, what is interesting here is that it can be seen as a standardized wireless and sensing controller. Though the company says "I believe we’ve sensed the market’s direction and are on the ball", the observer is still left out with no precise ideas about what they want people to do with it (no worries some people have some ideas). Here is the only mention:

ST’s acceleration sensors are used to provide a motion-activated user interface in Nintendo’s new home console, Wii.(...) ST’s unique portfolio of two- and three-axis MEMS accelerometers targets a wide range of low-g applications from motion-based user interfaces to hard-disk drive and automobile-passenger protection. Market analysts predict that by 2010 there will be one accelerometer in each mobile phone and every portable hard-disk-based device (laptops, audio/video players), representing a total market of more than 1.2 billion units.