Berlin: Temporal Topographies

Berlin: Temporal Topographies is a project by the Stanford Humanities Lab that investigates the historical and cultural layers of a city space.

The project takes Berlin-arguably one of the most rich, contradictory, and multi-layered cities in the world-as its point of departure and seeks to develop a research platform and pedagogical methodology for studying the history of the city space. The key objectives of the project are: 1. To develop a web-based research framework for the representation of the topographical and historical layers of Berlin by creating virtual reality maps of the synchronic and diachronic transformations of the city 2. To develop a pedagogical methodology informed by new media studies for teaching about Berlin, including the creation of curricular material for use in hybrid classrooms.

Why do I blog this? since I am interested in blogjects and history of objects, this project is curious regarding the investigation of different spatial and cultural layers.