Designing a pervasive game controller

In a course module called DESIGNING A PERVASIVE GAME CONTROLLER", Steffen P. Walz and Philipp Schaerer engaged attendants to plan, design, and prototype the game controller for their game REXplorer.

In the game, the target group - teenage and student tourists - roleplays scientific assistants who investigate odd phenomena occuring across the city core. The players are equipped with a geo-positioning, intelligent measuring apparatus, allowing them to interact with historical and mythical Regensburg characters residing inside landmark buildings with the proper apparatus gesture. Thus, the apparatus serves as the game's controller. It is made out of a hard shell encasing a Nokia N70 smartphone and a GPS bluetooth device.

Why do I blog this? because the design brief is interesting and reflect preoccupations that are of interest with regards to pervasive environment controller, such as magic wands. I'd be curious to see the results.

On a different note (similar though), check the wiimote prototypes here. (this is reminder for me to dig this at some point)