Game Boy Terminal Server

Game Boy Terminal Server by Pascal Felber, Reiner Ziegler and Michael Hope:

gbts was designed under contract to Invention City as a way of using a Nintendo Gameboy as a cheap intelligent display for some other system, for example a PC or an intelligent cartridge.

gbts provides on the Gameboy side a way of running primitives like 'Draw image', 'Draw line', 'Set Font', 'Draw proportional text', a way of caching frequently use commands for speed, and an event system that hands up events like 'User pressed button A while at (x,y)', 'Timer expired'. Events can be attached to cached primitives, so for example a timer expiring could draw an image causing animation, or a click in a given box could XOR the area, giving the user immediate feedback while the client decides what to do next.

Why do I blog this? an old and curious gamebody hack