Rules of engagement

For potential readers of Pasta and Vinegar, short hints about how things work here:

  • I started this blog 4 years ago as a repository for stuff I find interesting, pertinent, relevant and weird with regards to: my research, my interest and my projects. It started from a daily muse about issues I wanted to address in my PhD research. It slowly evolved and is now a less often updated description of what I find curious in my work. The topics depend upon the projects I am working on (sometimes it's more gaming than ubiquitous computing or foresight/innovation).
  • The first purpose of this is to keep track of stuff I encounter, it's a personal tool for me. And I find interesting to share stuff with to others, because it creates connections and conversations. I don't "spend" time on blogging, I use it as a tool for my work practice. Though, it might troublesome to define what I do: user experience research/foresight covers both my academic research and more concrete work (consultancy or user experience research for video game companies).
  • The topic of this blog is mostly about my interests: how certain technologies are used, how they are designed, what they will be in the near future. It's hence a super-messy list of posts that can be described as trends or weak signals of what happen today that might unveil the near-future.
  • Yes there are odd things posted here, both professional and weird. Why? because I do think there's a coherence between all the things I am interested in. This mix is made of pasta (research/science/serious material) and vinegar (awkward stories/artifacts/things). If there is a word to describe this blog, it would surely be hirsute (a french word that means... check it here), and it's on purpose because the world is like that.
  • No ads? besides, I am hosted by a university server.
  • I may have the worse url in the world but mmh I started like this and it's good to have stability on the information super-highways.
  • The "why do I blog this?" is really a personal thing, I try to describe why the stuff I blog about has implications to what I do, so if you're not familiar with what I do, it might seems cryptic.
  • Sometimes I may do interview, I am not a journalist but I like to gather thoughts/ideas.
  • People do comment here, there are conversations, private and public. And yes comments are filtered, mostly because there is way too much spam (and sometimes rudeness, which is not accepted. However, it's OK (and good) to disagree on issues.
  • Conversations can also be held by emails or offline - people phone or chat.
  • I am quite active - there will be times when I don't post. Conversely, I read every email but I cannot answer every email.

(Inspired or based on David's rules).