A living structure

The blog of the EPFL/ECAL joint project nicely summarizes the results of a workshop they recently set. A project developed in this context is about "How nature can be resumed to a simple mathematical formula" by Florian Pittet & Margaux Renaudin:The idea is to create a whole living structure: Using light as a protector and as a living manifestation, the structure interact with the walker that pases threw her by sensors, and glows all around him. (...) Light will play an essential role by creating a cocoon that follows the human, by a gradual glowing light cycles, using a new kind of neon tubes that can fade out and have a more organical kind of light. Structures can be supported by a kind of skin that can tense the volume or follows the movement of the structure.

Their description is quite interesting (as a work in progress) and there are plenty of pictures and videos to precise their thoughts. More here.

Why do I blog this? this is IMHO an interesting example of "landscape as interface" through glowing lights based on passers-by movements. Kind of an instantiation of a ubiquitous computing environment... Besides the blog is great to keep track of those guys from lausanne are up to).