Sucking jacks to make music

"Les poissons autistes" (i.e. autists fishes) is a swiss band that have a nice way of tinkering artifacts to produce music

It's only at the end of 2001 that Simon and Babey began again to create their own "music" (...). Struck by a sudden inspiration during a drunken night, they plugged jacks into the inputs of a tape machine and then sucked and manipulated the free extremities of the cables to produce some particularly irritating and saturated noises. (...) Simon and Babey have since then perfected their technique of sonic collage, assembling on the computer recordings of various noises made on Minidisc, instruments (trumpet, flute, accordion, guitar, bass), contact-miked objects and sounds produced by different machines diverted from their normal use (guitar effect pedals, reverb racks and other old stuff).

Why do I blog this? the mouth is an unexplored are to interact with artifacts (be they digital or not), this seems to be a good and visual way to innovate in music production. Moreover, I am crazy of contact-miked sounds, especially mixed with delay/reverb effects.