Websearching as a gratification cycle

Some new elaboration on the concept of passively multiplayer game has led Justin Hall to sketch this interesting cycle:

As a reminder, he now defines passively multiplayer game as:

Passively Multiplayer is a system for turning user data into ongoing play. Using computer and mobile phone surveillance, a user and their unique history. These resulting avatars can be viewed online, and they interact with other avatars online. Examples of data: web sites visited, email addresses, chat handles, contents of email or messaging, contents of word processed documents, digital images, digital video, video game moves.

Why do I blog this? I found very interesting this cycle because it puts things in a different perspective since it frames websearching/surfing as an activity with rewards (which I found quite pertinent and true). It's quite similar to how to reach a state of flow in gaming. On this sketch, the only dimension I miss is the social one, let's add a social rating/reputation system on top of that (or see the other sketch).