Social Objects

Ulla-Maaria Mutanen's new project is called "Social Objecs" and aims at building and testing "simple service concepts for labeling, bookmarking and communicating around design, art and craft objects:

The purpose is to bring together four kinds of groups: 1) technology developers, who are interested in testing their products and applications in concrete settings like museums and design exhibitions 2) designers, manufacturers, artists, and crafters who want to generate online conversations around their work 3) museums and exhibition organizers who are interested in finding new ways to engage with their audience 4) university researchers who are interested in the social practices that connect the online and the physical

Why do I blog this? given her current work with ThingLink, this new project seems to be quite compelling. I don't know much about it but the idea of extending the social layer about artifacts is of particular interest IMO. Something that would help to track the history of interaction an object has (with its owner, other persons or the environment) is valuable and the narrative that could be generated out of it can be curious.