A very curious plug

(Via j*b), this Plug project by Josh Lifton. He defines it as "A power strip imbued with sensing, computational, and communication capabilities in order to form the backbone of a sensor network". The artifact looks pretty nifty:

An example of data that can be extracted is presented:

The text that follows on their website describes the picture in a more comprehensive way:

"Data taken from the snack vending machine on the third floor of the Media Lab the night before TTT. There three distinct events. First, someone walks by and hits the machine (see vibration graph). Second, two people in conversation buy a snack using a dollar bill. Third, the change from the dollar bill is used to buy the same snack. For each purchase, there are two current spikes, one for the exchange of money and one for the actuation needed to dispense the snack. Conversation ensues throughout. Note that the current and voltage plots are low-passed, peaked versions of the actual AC measurements. All data have been scaled appropriately for ease of viewing."

Why do I blog this? understanding the story behind data/interactions, that's curious and very apropos when thinking about the hybridation between 1st life and 2nd lives.