"Hybrid World Lab" workshop

People interested in the hybridation between the material world and digital representations (virtual environments? second lives?) might check the Mediamatic workshop called Hybrid World Lab. The event is scheduled for May 7-11 in Amsterdam.

Mediamatic organizes a new workshop in which the participants develop prototypes for hybrid world media applications. Where the virtual world and the physical world used to be quite separated realms of reality, they are quickly becoming two faces of the same hybrid coin. This workshop investigates the increasingly intimate fusion of digital and physical space from the perspective of a media maker.

Some of the topics that will be investigated in this workshop are: Cultural application and impact of RFID technology, internet-of-things. Ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) and ambient intelligence: services and applications that use chips embedded in household appliances and in public space. Locative media tools, car navigation systems, GPS tools, location sensitive mobile phones. The web as interface to the physical world: geotagging and mashupswith Google Maps & Google Earth. Games in hybrid space.

(Picture Fused Space - SKOR - Wachtmeister 2)

Why do I blog this? I am going to be a trainer/lecturer at that workshop, along with Timo and Matt Adams. Right on spot on some current near future laboratory explorations! It's going to be a good opportunity to gather some thoughts and work on them with people. People interested can have a lookhere and register there.