Street TV

street tv

"Every fine summer night, television sets can be seen outdoors, used publicly, on the busy old sidewalks of East Harlem. Each machine, its extension cord run along the sidewalks from some score's electric outlet, is the informal headquarters spot of a dozen or so men who divide their attention among the machine, the children they are in charge of, their cans of beer, each others' comments and the greetings of passers-by"

Jane Jacobs, "The Death and Life of Great American Cities".

Street TV is a phenomenon that always impressed me, the only area where I've seen it were ethnic blocks in France and in LA. Why? because it's about my fascination towards entertainment in cities and how such a device is shared in a public space. It's generally even more fascinating when people have put couches or chairs around the set, creating some sort of temporary chillzone down the street. IMO, it's neither good or bad and the picture above (taken in Geneva yesterday) is definitely not meant to show that people then trash their TV set after watching it on the streets (nor that watching tv there leads to such behavior).