Turn your Nintendo DS into a mobile robot for $99 with roboDS (see video):

"his is a pre-order for RoboDS kit for DSerial2 multiple-interface card for NDS. It is an open robot platform for NDS that can be controlled via NDS Wi-Fi connection using a web browser interface. Install your own wireless camera onto RoboDS and monitor your home remotely! Wire-up your own laser pointer for extra flair, but use it responsibly!"

Why do I blog this? this is the sort of thing I qualify as "intriguing". But why the hell is this interesting? What is funny is the majority of websites and blogs that deal with gadgets never stress why such artifacts have a potential value (apart from their engineering/technical value). So, few points: (1) It raises the question of the "robot" identity? why is robotDS a robot? in this case it's called so because the wheels allows the DS to move around. Well, if a robot is defined by locomotion that's a bit limited and sad; plus it does not account for the current convergence between robotics and ubiquitous computing. (2) Modularity: the idea of turning a mobile device into something more complex through such as add-on is intriguing. Building artifacts or services on top of others artifacts is pertinent and curious especially when done in a DIY way.