Bioscope: materialize the sketches made by gestures

Bioscope is a project by intrepid friend Jean-Baptiste Labrune:

"a device that materialize the sketches made by gesture while talking to somebody or being in a creative or expressive process. The goal is to be build a creativity research tool that manifest visually the evolution of concepts and ideas. The idea is to bring another perspective on the creative process, like in the amazing movie of Henri George Clouzot called “le mystère Picasso”. In this film, Picasso’s sketches unfolds through time since to an innovative shutter camera system developped especially by Clouzot. The temporal aspect of the artefacts is the focus and not the spatial aspects. The concern about immateriality has been pushed to the point that the only artefact remaining of this period is the film, all the other productions by Picasso have been destroyed…"

" Traditionnally, the methods to do this involve either slow-motion photography, animation, film, video or compositing. I have decided to use a 3 axis IMU to capture gestures and then recompose it in a 3D scene. This picture shows 30 sec of movements while talking about a videogame concept. The accelerometer records position in space but is also used to edit video in a 3D environement according to the gestures of the user that act as metadata. Browsing and exploring the video footage is done by the 3 axis data manipulation."

Why do I blog this? the idea of visualizing the activities involved in a creative process and represent it in a way that can inform the design itself is very curious and pertinent. Besides, this is of interest to me because of some thoughts regarding the user experience of gestural interactions. Would it be possible to use such a device to help the design of gestures for certain game design for instance?