The Economist on ubicomp

"When everything connects" is the latest special edition of The Economist... a survey of the telecom industry that deals with ubiquitous computing and the so-called "wireless revolution". There is a ten or so articles on that topic, which are good read if you're interested in this area. When everything connects is a good overview of the current situation and what can be expected in terms of domains (motoring), problems (standards!), regulation (government?), privacy concerns. The author concludes with the following statement:

"Wireless technology will become a part of objects in the next 50 years rather as electric motors appeared in everything from eggbeaters to elevators in the first half of the 20th century and computers colonised all kinds of machinery from cars to coffee machines in the second half. Occasionally, the results will be frightening; more often, they will be amazingly useful."

What is interesting in the survey introduction is the warning "Still, the general direction is clear (...) This survey will explain how this will come about, and why it will not be easy."