Some quotes from the Mediamatic workshop

Impossible to give a complete picture of the Hybrid World Lab workshop (let's wait to digest stuff and come up with a more articulate summary afterwards). Some bits and pieces, in the form of quotes:

"GPS removed me from my surroundings" Timo Arnall

"from our perspective, I think it's impossible to study how people use the city using technologies like BT, it's a flawed question, how can you know how they use the city? you just follow where they are" Giles Lane

"graffiti, stickers as user generated content in the city" Timo Arnall

"we have to be careful when we design. The user, who is this mythical person?" Giles Lane

"picking up information through visual tags on a cell phone feels like picking up rubbish from the streets" Timo Arnall

"we are ill equipped to deal with urban screens and analyze them" Avah Fatah gen. Schiek

(picture taken by myself of a the nice material we have here)