New departure with Pierre la Police

As a tribute to my first blogpost 4 years ago, let's get back to real things with some Pierre la Police stuff (a french cartoonist that I like):

Taken from an exhibit with Marthes Bathori, pierre la police - "sans titre" - 2003 gouache sur papier marouflé sur bois - 46 x 34 cm

Perhaps an interview of the author will be more helpful to grasp his attitude towards "the future":

"It occured that I brought some drawings I made in my dreams back into the real world. But never made it a guiding line for my work. Surrealism is the artistic expression of something that exists anyway and that is part of each of us. I wasn’t particularly interested in it. I think a walnut is more surrealistic than I am.

What are your other influences (writers, science fiction, music, cinema...) ? A tuna tin, gunshots, dog clothes, certain types of dust bags, the phenomenon of steam, microwaves..."

Why do I blog this? as with the interview of William Gibson the other day, I often find interesting to know how people write about the future. Pierre la Police is very relevant for that matter... revealing how a tuna tin and dog clothes, as small details, are important to show new avenues.