Museum GPS game

“The land of oppertunities“ (Mulighedernes Land) is a location-based game designed by Maiken Nysom (for the open air museum “Frilandsmuseet”). As described by the Innovative Communication group at ITU, Denmark, "each group played a character while walking around in the old farmland to collect money, talents and social connections. The game has been designed for schoolchildren for purposes of improving the concept of museum visiting – making this a more interesting and up-to-date experience". See the YouTube video. More in the project brief:

"In “Land of opportunities?” - the new virtual role-playing game at the open-air museum “Frilandsmuseet”, the players take on characters as boys and girls on the edge of adulthood in the late 19th century. With different backgrounds, they all have to make choices and find their own way through life, with the possibilities and limitations offered at that time.

By use of GPS connected mobile phones the players get access to a virtual layer of information and storytelling overlaying the physical settings of the museum. The mobile phone at hand, the players travel back in time, and are able to interact with and react on this new experience layer. On the museum locations different incidents await the players, making it possible for them to win and loose points depending on how they act. With attention, thoughtfulness and cooperation the players can secure their success and fulfill their mission"

Why do I blog this? updating myself with some location-based gaming projects.