Personal Progress Management (PPM)

MyProgress (Via Techcrunch) is a interesting service that provides different "Personal Progress Management (PPM) tools". It automatically observe and analyze all essential aspects of your life. With MyProgress, you can watch your progress and discover your productivity

"MyProgress is a Web 2.0 service aimed to bring progress monitoring features (generally used in computer RPGs) into real lives. It is a family of services we called Personal Progress Management. With MyProgress, users can track their personal finances, skills, knowledge, wealth and health dynamics and figure their place in the real word. (...) The core feature of MyProgress is its intelligence: smart technologies track every piece of information users enter, whether it would be a new purchase, capital gains, an hour of photographic or driving experience, rental price change, etc., and provide detailed overview on who these people are and how fast they are progressing in comparison with the others across multiple categories, such as age, occupation, and location. Intelligence squeezes an orange out of every piece of information our customers enter and extrapolates to every single user, thus, it can provide them heaps of analytics about their lives and build very accurate forecasts. "

Why do I blog this? I am not interested at all in the "intelligence" freakiness nor in the idea to have a system that analyze my financial data. However, I found intriguing the tracking bit and the affordance+interface to support it. It's funny how they brand their product as something related to role plying games ("here are dozens of millions of people who spend a lot of time and money playing MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), but... aren't our REAL LIVES much better RPGs?")... and then extract what they think is the most important point in MMORPG (tracking one's progress) to provide a service for "real life".

What can be pertinent is to see how they tie-in all the data generated by individuals (money, health), would there be a possibility to do that for objects?