George Legrady's talk at LDM

A good talk I will miss this week at the lab: "Aesthetic & Cultural Perspectives Through Data Visualization" by George Legrady on September 12th at EPFL in BC01 at 4:00pm:

"The lecture will trace the intersection of data organization and visualization in a number of the artist's projects such as "Pockets Full of Memories" (Souvenirs plein les poches) inaugurated at the Centre Pompidou, and "Making Visible the Invisible" a public arts commission for the Seattle Central Library, and the Global Collaborative Visual Mapping Archive (GCVMA) cellphone visual archive exhibited this summer at the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC. These projects consist of visualizations generated by custom designed software that dynamically organize data."

George Legrady is Professor of Interactive Media at the UCSB. He holds a joint appointment in the Media Arts and Technology Graduate Program, and the Department of Art. His current research addresses data collection, data processing methodologies, and data visualization presented simultaneously in interactive installations and the internet. He is Co-Principal Investigator of the National Science Foundation’s Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Interactive Digital Multimedia (IDM) Program at UCSB.