Reactrix's game

Visiting the COEX mall in Seoul yesterday, I ran across several interactive media displays designed by Reactrix. Although the point of this device oriented towards promotion and branding, I was more curious about people's reaction. Stood there for a while with Laurent to see what happens around these floor-displays. It's basically a beamer which projects some interactive scenes on the floor. Walking across or gesturing triggers reactions. There are different minigames like 2-players soccer games, whack-a-mole bits and other instantiations such as the one below: Reactrix Tangible Game in COEX center

People's reactions range from 0 attention (those people never look at their feet or they simply do not care) to short play and long play. The only thing is that the mini-games are so short that people seems to be fed up waiting the bloody soccer game to be back. Also of interest, the fact that a minority of users try to understand the infrastructure, looking up at the beamer or opening an umbrella above the floor.

Anyhow, the system's is not really about gaming and rather about enabling brands to be recognized, which obviously failed with him because I am incapable of remembering what ads I've surely seen after staying around these.