VR just happened

Read in "Spook Country" (William Gibson):

[Hollis] "Some told me that cyberspace was 'everting'." [stands for 'everything' mispronounced by the french artist Odile] [Bobby] "Sure. And once it everts, then there isn't any cyberspace, is there? There never was, if you want to look at it that way. It was a way we had of looking where we were headed, a direction. With the grid, we're here. This is the other side of the screen. Right here" [Hollis] "virtual reality? Remember when we were all going to be doing that? (...) [Bobby] "We're all doing VR every time we look at a screen. We have been for decades now. We just do it. We didn't need the goggles, the gloves. It just happened. VR was en even more specific way we had of telling us where we were going."

Why do I blog this? it's funny to see Gibson talking about this issue, as well as describing locative media/ubicomp. An updated version of cyberspace. Certainly food for thoughts for Alex Pang's next book about the end of cyberspace.