Gibson on futurism

Yet another interesting interview of William Gibson! Some excerpts I found pertinent:

"The slot in culture that I'm most closely associated with is one in which charlatans declare that they know the future. My job is to sit near that slot and when people approach me I say: 'Only charlatans say they really know the future.' I sit near the tent where they give out bullshit and offer people a different sort of dialogue. My role is to raise questions. (...) Virtual reality was one of our most recent experiences of a future that didn't happen. The one before that would have been interactive television, on which millions of dollars were spent. Nobody wanted it. Nobody wanted it at all. But the Internet wasn't here yet, and people were saying, it would great if people could go back and forth with media, but it turns out the medium they wanted to do it with is one that presents the world, rather than a bunch of entertainment -- the Internet. (...) One of the things that I've found through whatever loosey goosey reading of human history I've managed through my life, is that very little is really new. (...) The present zeitgeist, now, is only one news cycle long. Something could happen tomorrow that would throw everything into a cocked hat"

Why do I blog this? some interesting points here and I actually prefer reading what a sci-fi writer says, as opposed to weird futurists.