"Paper direct"

Press in the 21st century Encountered last week-end in Venice, Los Angeles. Still about press, I am fascinated by foreign press available as these A3 sheets of papers sold straight from the printer. Far from the complex e-paper technology, these very low-cost one-sided magazines show an interesting trend about the importance of physical artifacts. Besides, the name of this service ("paper direct") is conspicuously relevant in these times of frenetic digitalization. Given that it's printed locally, it's an up-to-date instantiation (that prevent you from waiting two or three days to have the same newspaper coming from the guts of an Airbus/Boeing Cargo flight).

Why do I blog this? observing original practices related to media consumption enabled by various technologies. I see this "paper direct" as an interesting signal that seem more usable than they bloody e-book reader that I rarely use.