Wifi zone

Wifi area +place to sit Interesting configuration in Lausanne: a WiFi area (that is indicated through the signage on the wall depicting both the waves and the usage with a laptop) and places to sit with a laptop (the wifi wave are also present there too). A small cluster of high chairs for people who pass by. And yes, it's covered in case of rain. Looking at the chairs show clear sign of dirt and old remnants of cigarettes though.

Wifi area +place to sit

Why do I blog this? urban scouting in Lausanne today led me to investigate this area. The design intent here is to support new forms of activities in our contemporary cities. I love the signage on the wall. The direction of the wave is clearly going from the user to the cloud. I see this as an echo of the "creative city" meme: it's prosumer/active contributors to the network who are expected to use their laptops here.