Kinder eggs

Kinder eggs Kinder eggs

Interesting piece of packaging here with these Kinder eggs, in a sort of matryoshka twist: like a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other. The yolk-like yellow container, in which a little toy is compacted, is inserted in a chocolate egg.

Kinder egg gear

This piece of artifact is one of these highly intriguing carefully-designed object for several reasons:

  • The way the designers manage to create small toys than can fit into this yellow box is imaginative and fascinating. There is even a rolled piece of paper to explain how to build the toys out of the separated pieces: the smaller manual on Earth perhaps. It's also curious to see that this tiny space also have enough room for a small paper-based disclaimer in almost 10 languages.
  • The yellow container is a curious objects that can be repurposed for lots of ways (for instance as a container for small items, like coins, or for kids to tinker out weird stuff)
  • The toy series, constantly transformed and new, is also an on-going surprise (see for example people who collect them).

Does it tell us something about the future? I don't know but it certainly reveals an interesting example of design with a size constraint here, surely a curious exercise to do "more with less" (and pack it into a yolk-shaped box).