Talk in Madrid about Smart Cities

Last week in Madrid, Fabien and I participated in a workshop at BBVA innovation about Smart Cities. Organized by Urbanscale (and more specifically by Jeff Kirsh, Adam Greenfield and Leah Meisterlin), it focused on opportunities to use networked data for the client. It basically followed up on the previous work we have done with this bank last year. This workshop was followed by an open session entitled “Beyond Smart Cities” at BBVA’s Innovation Center, with Adam Greenfield, Kevin Slavin and yours truly.

My talk was a critique of the "prediction trope" in the discourse about Smart Cities. Slides are on Slideshare and I've included some notes in the document:

[slideshare id=11199761&doc=2011-bbva-120122035754-phpapp01]

There’s a write-up of the event at the following URL