Two workshops at Lift12: futurescaping and location-based games

Lift 12 is almost there... and I will co-organize two workshops there:

1. Game mechanics in location-based games, in collaboration with Mathieu Castelli (C4M):

"Location-based games now exist for quite ten years. They have always been a creative platform to test innovative propositions (beyond gaming) based on geopositioning.

The game mechanics in this field is stable now with treasure hunt, geocaching and people tracking. Interestingly, the evolution of these platforms is quite slow; mostly because it is difficult to tune the game component properly. Beyond contextual issues (the city you’re in, its architecture), the experience is very much dependent on details such as the number of participants at a given time, the reactivity of the game or the accuracy of geopositioning. This workshop will look at this in a very “hands-on” way as we will test different game mechanics with a prototype. It is aimed at participants, interaction designers, web and mobile app developers and game designers interested in testing ideas about the user experience of location-based applications.

The session will consist in a series of group activity based on Meatspace Invasion, a location-based game recently developed by C4M and Mekensleep. After a quick introduction about these, we will form groups who will test different combinations of game parameters. We will then go on the field in Geneva to test these scenarios and regroup after the game session to debrief the outcomes."

2. Foresight surprise!, in collaboration with Anab Jain and Justin Pickard (Superflux): This one will be devoted to exploring near future scenarios but it's going to be a surprise. No spoilers, you have to be there to know what will be going on.