Pre-Lift Event: blogject workshop

In the context of the LIFT conference, I organize (along with Julian Bleecker) an invitation-only workshop called Blogjects and the Internet of Things.

Blogjects - a neologism Julian Bleecker came up with for objects that blog - exemplify the soon-to-come 'Internet of Things', i.e. a network of tangible, mobile, chatty things enabled by the miniaturization, the ubiquity of consumer electronics and a pervasive Internet. In its most basic form, a blogject is not dissimilar to people that blog - it is an artifact that can disseminate a record of its experiences to the web. It would report the history of its interactions with other objects and with people. (...) this topic ties into the idea of proximity-based interaction and usage scenarios for mobile contexts.

The aim of the workshop: is to discuss usage scenarios of blogjects, the design issues they raises as well as their significance in various usage and design contexts.

We will discuss potential ideas related to the Internet of Things, trying to sketch some new directions that - I hope - will go beyond current location-based applications.

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